Stanley Sporkin provides legal and counseling services to corporations and individuals.  He advises clients on how to solve existing problems as well as helping them in preventing problems from arising.

Mr. Sporkin is also available to provide clients a range of litigation services.  In this regard, he is available for conducting Moot courts, reviewing briefs, and providing second opinions on pending and anticipated litigation.  Working with inside and often outside counsel, Sporkin advises how to resolve anticipated and pending regulatory and enforcement matters by developing the best strategies for dealing with them.  Having been recognized as the person principally responsible for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), he is available to counsel on how to comply with the Act and how to remediate when a violation occurs.  He has been involved in rendering advice on crisis avoidance and crisis management.

Sporkin is available to advise on developing employee-contractor concerns and Ombudsman’s programs particularly addressed to a corporation’s personal and systemic safety issues.  He has conducted a number of significant studies including reviews made into certain practices of the SEC, NASD and the New York Stock Exchange.